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Colonics Preparation For Colonoscopy – Testimonial

Having a colonic before my colonoscopy was a huge success!  I followed your instructions to  prepare the day before.  It worked out just fine.  Not having to go through 3 days of standard preparation was wonderful.  I went right to the hospital after seeing you.

The procedure went very well, nothing wrong was found.  Thank you so much for going the extra mile. I will certainly be seeing you on a regular basis.

For anyone preparing for a routine colonoscopy, I would highly recommend you come and see Sofia before Colonoscopy it worked wonders for me! ”    Thank you again.- Jack McEwen


“Sofia is a pleasant, caring and excellent colon hydrotherapist. I have referred many patients to her over the years where she was able to resolve their ailments when colonics was indicated. I appreciate the addition she has been to my practice and will definitely recommend her to others.”
Dr. Johan Ghazali ND, FABNO
cancer, cardiology, & chronic degenerative diseases

“Working with Sofia for the last five years has been a pleasure. She is fabulous at her work. I can always depend on her to do excellent treatments for our patients, and provide sound advice that improves their health. She is passionate, knowledgable and committed to continuing to learn new things. Her warm and confident nature help put people at ease. I’m sure you will be thrilled by how your health, energy and digestion are greatly improved. Thank you Sofia for all of your great work!”

Dr. Corinne Dawson ND – Integrated Health clinic


“Sofia helped me to relax and made me comfortable with this process. She uncovered a yeast problem I was not aware of, but which was causing health problems. I recommend her services to everyone.”  Deb Rondeau


“I’m not exactly sure what year I first worked with Sofia, but I can say unequivocally that she is a wonderful human being, therapist and practitioner of many healing arts. Thank you Sofia for being a part of life on Earth! Love to you, ”  Maya Massar


“Sofia is a joyful, hardworking person who puts her heart into everything she does. She is trustworthy, self aware and has great integrity.”     Suzanne Northcott


“Sofia has been a very important part of my healing process which has significantly contributed to my overall improved health. As part of my Naturopath’s recommendation I was using Chelation to remove the heavy metals that I have ingested over the last many years. The second part of the process was to incorporate colonics. What the heck is colonics??!! In as few words as possible – a process to minimize the reabsorption of heavy metals by cleansing the colon; significantly shortening the recovery process. Whoo, what the . . . !! It took a bit to get my mind around it. I wanted the best – Sofia proved to be that person. Sofia was very professional and realizing my anxiety talked and showed the process making me more comfortable. At first it was challenging but the process has left me with far more energy and overall I feel much healthier. Thank you Sofia.”        TG


“Sofia puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does. She inspires, educates and sees through obstacles to put into action a plan that best suits your needs. I whole heartedly recommend Sofia. You will love her vibrant and passionate personality as well as the magnificent radiance of her heart! Her knowledge of health and wellness as well as emotional and mental healing and clarity is astounding. If you are thinking of working with Sofia, congratulations; she is a gem!” Karen MacGregor


“Sofia is very professional and cares deeply about her work and her clients. She provides her service with comfort and caring.”     Brian johnstone


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