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Colonics in combination with a good diet will reenergize You


The average person is carrying several pounds of dried up fecal matter impacted in the colon (5-15 lbs) as a result of eating white flour, meat, fat, dairy products, sugar, alcohol, processed foods and preservatives.

It is safe to say that anyone who has been on a Basic American Diet (B.A.D) will benefit from periodic internal cleansing, especially if you live in an urban area, where pollutants are high.

 Surprisingly, healthy elimination should be within 24 hours after eating. If you eat three meals a day you should move your bowels accordingly.

Bowel movements once a day, or every two or three days, are considered normal in America. This is not normal and it is insufficient to maintain health.

Foul smelling stool and gas are also danger signs. The healthy color of your stool is golden brown and has minimal odor.

During constipation, you may observe a darkening of the stool. This is caused by longer transit time in your system with residues lying in your colon for more than 12 hours.

The result is that the colon will distribute the poisons into the bloodstream causing toxemia or autointoxication (self-poisoning).

Putrefied (toxic) material stays in the colon longer, allowing toxins to enter the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. This can lead to autointoxication.

  • It can cause from headaches to autoimmune disorders.
  • Build up material along intestinal walls:

build up material reduces absorption of good nutrients.This can cause fatigue and depression due to malabsorption.

When toxins settle

into your tissue

they can create

different states

of disease

showing up as 

Brain fog
Bad breath
Body odour

Abuse of Laxatives

Almost all laxatives are habit forming.Over time they can damage nerve cells in the colon and damage the ability of the colon to contract and become sluggish.

The regular use of enemas can also cause loss of normal bowel movement, because they do not respect the natural peristaltic movement of the colon like colon hydrotherapy does.

Colonics in combination with a good diet can bring your energy back!!!

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